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Jim and Cindy Kelly

Mr. Ackermann was very helpful in helping us stay in our rental home that we’ve occupied for the last 14 years. Our children were raised in this home and didn’t want to leave their friends. Robert filed a motion that stopped the eviction and was able to prove our landlord stopped making repairs on the home to motivate us leaving. We’re very satisfied with the level of service we received from his office and would highly recommend him to anyone facing an eviction.

Paul Becka

I would highly recommend Robert Ackermann for tenant’s rights issues. We were having major problems with our landlord refusing to make repairs to the apartment after we stopped paying rent to get his attention. Robert Ackermann was able to negotiate a deal with the landlord and keep our family in the apartment. We’re grateful for this because we didn’t have the extra money to move and would have certainly ended up on the street. Thank you Robert!

Peter Brooks

My problems began when my employer refused to reimburse me for hours he asked me to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. In total, I had over 200 hours that I was being cheated out of. Not only did Robert get a settlement for what was owed to me, but got me penalties and interest as well. I highly recommend Mr. Ackermann for employment law where back wages are owed. I hope I never need another employment lawyer, but if I do, I will be calling Robert!

Jim Saridakis

I lost my job during the COVID-19 pandemic after my employer fired me. My employer refused to pay me for work I was requested to do from home and after I confronted him, I was fired. I felt this action was retaliation so I called Robert Ackermann who took my case and was instrumental in getting me the money I was owed. Robert was very sympathetic and stayed in constant contact with me, letting me know how the case was progressing.  I recommend Mr. Ackermann to anyone with an employer that refuses to pay money rightfully owed.

Jan Bennett

A chain of events almost caused me to lose my home.My employer had to close his business during COVID-19 and unfortunately, I lost my job as did 3 other people. I couldn’t afford to pay my rent and was served with a 3-day pay rent or quit notice. I found the law offices of Robert Ackermann on the Internet and called Robert who felt he could help me. He took my case and helped me to stay in my apartment. Thank you so much, Robert! I highly recommend the law office of Robert Ackermann.

Alana Litman

I recommend Robert Ackermann for any kind of employment law problems you might be having. My issue was with my employer treating me as a contractor when I was in fact hired as an employee! I was cheated out of benefits totaling more than $12,750.00 that I should have received. Mr. Ackermann took my employer to court and won a settlement. While I no longer work there, I DID get my money with interest! Thank you, Robert! I recommend Robert Ackermann to anyone needing an attorney for a crooked boss that cheats employees.