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A professional law firm defending the rights of Tenants and Employees. We serve all of Los Angeles county and the surrounding areas.

Tenant’s Rights Wins

Many of the tenants we have helped have suffered for poor living conditions but also were harmed by the emotional trauma that untenantable living conditions cause.

  • Class action lawsuit against a San Fernando Valley apartment complex for un-tenantable living conditions.
  • Suit against landowner engaging in gross mismanagement of the Property causing tenants to suffer sever breathing issues.
  • Sued a San Fernando Valley apartment complex for failing to maintain a safe and habitable living condition for its tenants.
  • Judgment for tenants living in home where floors were rotted and falling in, fungus growing on the walls from a faulty roof.
  • Stopped a discriminatory eviction for Los Angeles couple harassed by the landlord because of their sexual orientation.
  • Judgment against a Montabello apartment complex for uninhabitable conditions where ceiling cracks exposed dangerous asbestos causing illness to family.
  • Awarded judgment for a tenant victimized by a landlord using retaliatory eviction because the tenant was exercising his rights. We were also able to recover punitive damages from the landlord as well.
  • Stopped a landlord from evicting a family during the COVID-19 pandemic by using the California COVID-19 Rental Housing Recovery Act after the father was laid off.
  • Judgment awarded to tenants living in uninhabitable dwelling with electrical issues where a minor child was electrocuted by bare wiring outside the apartment.
  • Won personal injury lawsuit for tenant that fell into a refuse sinkhole in his backyard that was caused by a faulty septic tank.

Employee’s Rights Wins

Robert Ackermann is a 25+ years’ experienced California attorney focused on fighting for workers who have been cheated out of their rightfully earned wages – or who have had any of their other rights violated. He has filed numerous lawsuits in the Courts, including lawsuits for individuals as well as Class Actions on behalf of the employees. You have the right to have your case heard before the California Labor Commissioner – where you can recover your back pay (plus penalties) without ever having to go to Court. He has successfully represented and obtained recoveries (of back pay and penalties) for workers in the following types of cases:

  • Grocery store employees who were working more than 60 hours a week, but were only being paid for 40 hours and not given meal breaks or rest breaks.
  • CVS night shift-leader was required to punch-out for meal breaks, but was still required to remain reachable and available during his breaks.
  • Escrow officer who was not being reimbursed for work-related expenses.
  • Salespersons at Ashley Furniture who were not paid for any of the time they spent waiting for new customers to come into the store.
  • Home health-care workers who were not being paid for Overtime and who were not given their final paychecks.
  • Limo driver being taken off-the-clock, unless he actually had client in the car.
  • House-sitter who was required to perform many maintenance duties, but was not paid for any of his time (and just being given substandard housing).
  • Restaurant workers who were being cheated out of their tips.
  • Limo driver not being given meal breaks, but was being clocked-out anyway.
  • Restaurant workers who were not being paid minimum wage or overtime, and were being compensated only by tips.
  • Limo driver not being given meal breaks, but was being clocked-out anyway.
  • Restaurant workers who were not being paid minimum wage or overtime, and were being compensated only by tips.
  • Restaurant worker classified as a “manager” so that Employer could avoid paying overtime.
  • Employees at drug rehab who were not being given meal breaks, but who were being clocked-out anyways.
  • Restaurant worker classified as a “manager” so that Employer could avoid paying overtime.
  • Home health-care worker who was being given paychecks that bounced.
  • 24-hour caregiver who was not being paid any overtime.
Our Clients...Their Testimonies
  • Mr. Ackermann was very helpful in helping us stay in our rental home that we’ve occupied for the last 14 years. Our children were raised in this home and didn’t want to leave their friends. Robert filed a motion that stopped the eviction and was able to prove our landlord stopped making repairs on the home to motivate us leaving. We’re very satisfied with the level of service we received from his office and would highly recommend him to anyone facing an eviction.

    Jim and Cindy Kelly
    Tenant - Eviction Process Stopped
  • I would highly recommend Robert Ackermann for tenant’s rights issues. We were having major problems with our landlord refusing to make repairs to the apartment after we stopped paying rent to get his attention. Robert Ackermann was able to negotiate a deal with the landlord and keep our family in the apartment. We’re grateful for this because we didn’t have the extra money to move and would have certainly ended up on the street. Thank you Robert!

    Paul Becka
    Tenant - Habitability Issues
  • My problems began when my employer refused to reimburse me for hours he asked me to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. In total, I had over 200 hours that I was being cheated out of. Not only did Robert get a settlement for what was owed to me, but got me penalties and interest as well. I highly recommend Mr. Ackermann for employment law where back wages are owed. I hope I never need another employment lawyer, but if I do, I will be calling Robert! Thank you, sir for all you’ve done!

    Peter Brooks
    Employee - Back Wages

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